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Big Day Out 2006.

Faker: Six million times better than that awful showing at Rock-it. Suffered from small-band-big-stage issues, but promise to be fun at their own gigs.


The Presets: Sleazy electro, absolutely wonderful. The crowd was full of gaybois, and few things move like gaybois dancing to sleazy electro ;) The Boiler Room being an outdoor stage this year was genius and being up against the fence but with plenty of room to dance was festival perfection.

Sleater-Kinney: Good songs played well, but derivitive guitar solos. Not all that interesting to watch.

King of Leon: I had no idea I knew so many of their songs!! Boring to watch (gave up), but the baby pink drumkit was lovely.

The Living End: It's probably been eight or ten years since I saw these guys live. I admire massively their staying power in the Australian music scene and apparently I still admire their tunes :) This was like reliving *all* sorts of great high school memories and a time when Australian music was so good that it was *all* I listened to. One of the least-agressive punk pits I've been in -- very impressed.

Soulwax: OMG SOULWAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easily my band of the day. They oozed style, but they oozed honesty and heart as well. Played off all three albums and the Moog-ing and knob-twiddling was amazing and inpirational. Danced like an absolute mentalist!

The Stooges: Seeing The Stooges - in Perth - in 2006 was utterly surreal. Where was Gimme Danger and what was up with I Wanna Be Your Dog twice? Ah well, Iggy was mad like all the videos promised he would be :)

The White Stripes: Rock 'n' roll marimba!!! This is the third time I've seen them and each has seemed like a different incarnation. Whatever was up Jack's @ss during the Elephant tour (probably the fact that the songs sucked) was gone and the fun they were having onstage spilled into the crowd. The exceptional chemisty that existed between them in the early days feels lost; Jack is now the star. But a good star he makes :) The White Stripes are what a live band should be, going out of their way to make all the songs new and different. Jolene was probably the best rendition I've heard.

2manydjs: They were playing to the crowd, therefore a more house-y set. Little chance of hearing gems in the style of Stooges vs. Salt N Pepa or Mansun vs. Sugababes, so we left for kebabs...
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That sounds like an awesome day, I am jealous! I haven't missed a bdo for 6 years:( I shall have to make up for it with glastonbury as soon as I make europe.
The thought of Glasto terrifies me somewhat. Rape, serious injury (some boy's testicles got sliced of by flying shrapnel from a flammable can that was thrown into a fire and exploded), robbery... And festivals that go for 3+ days freak me out! It's be so tiring!

That said, I'm going to Hultsfred in Sweden this year and probably Reading too :)
I didn't think things like that happened there! That sucks:( I just thought it would be like Falls but bigger.
If you get the chance go see Belle and Sebastian for me:P I missed them when they were here cos I crashed my car:(
I just found out that there *is* no Glasto this year anyway! Returning in 2007. Not sure if that's because of bad behaviour or venue problems or what...

I do hope I get the chance to see B&S somewhere someday! The one time they were scheduled to play Perth, they cancelled. But only Perth, they still did the rest of Australia. Grr! :((
left for kebabs

Ah, so that's what happened to you after. You totally missed out with sonicanimation.

Also, I missed the last ten minutes of Iggy. Did he really not play Lust for Life? And no Gimme Danger? I just figured he finished up with that while I was at sonic (via about 30 seconds in the lillypad, because it's just not BDO without KK.)
I still want to know why they didn't play anything off of Raw Power (Search and Destroy, Gimme Danger), apparently they just don't anymore...

And Lust for Life is an Iggy Pop solo song. As in, not by the Stooges.
Sounds like an excellent festival all round! FYI, 2ManyDJs have (thankfully in my opinion) ditched the bootlegs thing almost entirely, prefering now a mix of acid house, NY punk-funk and electro.