?%___heroi nfrost ed flakes___&;; (distantsun) wrote,
?%___heroi nfrost ed flakes___&;;

Amongst my resolutions for this year - most of which I either do not wish or need to discuss here - I have decided to make sure that I read more books.

I am lucky if I get through twelve in a twelve month period. Yes, I am *that* bad. I am a slow reader, so I have not resolved to read 100 or even 50 books in 2006. I am aiming for twenty-four.

I am currently devouring Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis and am looking at either a James Joyce or a Charlotte Brontë next, whichever I find first for $4.95. After that, another contemporary book and then another 'classic' and so on and so forth.

Your assistance, kind and intelligent people of my friends list, is requested to fill my quota of 'classics'. Please no Tolkien, but anything else is fair.
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