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[17 May 2007|01:20am]

The mainstream fun of Connections meets the left-field madness that was Plasticine in this one-off event.

Chiefly, you should come for me DJing between 8PM and 9PM and between 11PM and 12 midnight ;p

And if you're still reading this feed, for God's sake add comeoutcomeout!
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[28 Feb 2006|07:39pm]
I live elsewhere now.


[11 Feb 2006|11:50pm]
You probably shouldn't want to jump around and dance so much to songs with lyrics like "Surviving's just like dying" and "I don't know who to tell that every day is hell"...but such is the genius of Dead Blonde Girlfriend :)

I think I've listened to this record about six times today.

Here's the lyrics-post to explain why I've been such a miserable git the last few days. Don't worry; Joie's made it much better now.Collapse )
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Handbasket --> Hell [11 Feb 2006|02:50pm]
(I wonder how many times I have used and will use a subject line like that... :\)

http://www.bradenton.com/mld/bradenton/news/nation/13835508.htm (Worksafe)
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[06 Feb 2006|08:56pm]
Big Day Out 2006.

Faker: Six million times better than that awful showing at Rock-it. Suffered from small-band-big-stage issues, but promise to be fun at their own gigs.


The Presets: Sleazy electro, absolutely wonderful. The crowd was full of gaybois, and few things move like gaybois dancing to sleazy electro ;) The Boiler Room being an outdoor stage this year was genius and being up against the fence but with plenty of room to dance was festival perfection.

Sleater-Kinney: Good songs played well, but derivitive guitar solos. Not all that interesting to watch.

King of Leon: I had no idea I knew so many of their songs!! Boring to watch (gave up), but the baby pink drumkit was lovely.

The Living End: It's probably been eight or ten years since I saw these guys live. I admire massively their staying power in the Australian music scene and apparently I still admire their tunes :) This was like reliving *all* sorts of great high school memories and a time when Australian music was so good that it was *all* I listened to. One of the least-agressive punk pits I've been in -- very impressed.

Soulwax: OMG SOULWAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easily my band of the day. They oozed style, but they oozed honesty and heart as well. Played off all three albums and the Moog-ing and knob-twiddling was amazing and inpirational. Danced like an absolute mentalist!

The Stooges: Seeing The Stooges - in Perth - in 2006 was utterly surreal. Where was Gimme Danger and what was up with I Wanna Be Your Dog twice? Ah well, Iggy was mad like all the videos promised he would be :)

The White Stripes: Rock 'n' roll marimba!!! This is the third time I've seen them and each has seemed like a different incarnation. Whatever was up Jack's @ss during the Elephant tour (probably the fact that the songs sucked) was gone and the fun they were having onstage spilled into the crowd. The exceptional chemisty that existed between them in the early days feels lost; Jack is now the star. But a good star he makes :) The White Stripes are what a live band should be, going out of their way to make all the songs new and different. Jolene was probably the best rendition I've heard.

2manydjs: They were playing to the crowd, therefore a more house-y set. Little chance of hearing gems in the style of Stooges vs. Salt N Pepa or Mansun vs. Sugababes, so we left for kebabs...
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[06 Feb 2006|08:25pm]
Art kick.

I love:

Thorsten Fleisch, filmmaker.

Yuan Cai and Jian Jun Xi. See Two Naked Men Jump Into Tracey's Bed, 1999 and Two Artists Piss On Duchamp's Urinal, 2000.

Shaun Partridge, Gidget Gein and the Unpop art movement.

(Unfriend me as you see fit.)
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[04 Feb 2006|02:37am]

In Case Of Emergency Break Heart
Gidget Gein, 2003
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[03 Feb 2006|12:11am]
I love Australians sometimes :)

Man, around 50, being interviewed on the street about the Commonwealth Games.

Interviewer: Do you remember anything special about any of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremonies?
Man: They're all a bit...
Interviewer: ...Exciting?
Man: ...Nuremburg Rally-ish.
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[01 Feb 2006|09:29pm]
Have a look borderline NSFW, maybeCollapse ) and then tell me whether you think it's:

hysterically funny,
hideously offensive, or
somewhere inbetween/don't care/no opinion.

Just curious.
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[28 Jan 2006|09:22pm]
My dad went out to water the garden...Collapse )
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[27 Jan 2006|07:29pm]
Madchester completely wins at life!

Also, damn you Perth, I kill your face so hardcore! I am likely around until mid-March, but it won't be long enough to see the Mountain Goats for a third time charm :((((((((((((((((((((
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[24 Jan 2006|04:56pm]
I cannot believe the difference glasses make!! Seriously blown away!! It's rather exciting :)

It must be quite rewarding being an optometrist; seeing the huge smiles of the people whose vision you've just made perfect -- especially those who never thought their eyesight was bad in the first place!

(Also new computer this weekend. Life as me is pretty alright right now :))
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[22 Jan 2006|02:47pm]
*purrs in the general direction of...Pansy Division 'best of' CD/DVD set!* :)))
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[14 Jan 2006|12:43am]
Bioluminescent pigs, oh yeah.
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[12 Jan 2006|06:23pm]
If you have a MySpazz account, you should tell me your username so that I can see what bands you are stalking and consequently stalk them also. I need new music.
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[11 Jan 2006|08:56pm]
I finished Lunar Park and it was a wonderful read. It was set in a more familiar reality (though also with more elements of the fantastic) than his previous works and cared less about being 'shocking' and more about being human. Cynically funny, I loved the self-referenciality and the mocking of the "typical liberal arts college" youth culture that so many people identified with/were drawn to in his early books. And a few times he managed to very succinctly comment on parent/child relationships, the loss of innocence, etc. with particularly moving effect. Recommended!

Then the other day I quickly read Harold's End by JT LeRoy before starting my next proper book. It sucked!! The writing was so simplified - not really like JT's voice at all - and the story was disjointed and strangely paced and ultimately uncaptivating, despite there being a very tender idea hidden at its centre.

So now I'm onto Villette. Apart from the fact that I want to mask its hideous cover with brown paper, I can't complain. It was *incredibly* slow going at first, as I reacquainted myself with the flowery older English of Victorian prose, but - to my surprise, to be perfectly honest - I am engaged enough to keep reading so far. I even kept my nose in it while cooking my pasta earlier, because apparently ten minutes was too long to leave it lie!
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[09 Jan 2006|06:43pm]
JT Leroy fans get PUNK'd. Now we know who plays him and we think we know who writes him.

It's pretty official too, I guess. Even JT's agent admits it.

Feels weird and exciting and upsetting all at once to know that Matt and I bought the spin and fell for this tragic hero.

Particularly agree with Ira here: "To present yourself as a person who is dying of AIDS in a culture which has lost so many writers and voices of great meaning, to take advantage of that sympathy and empathy, is the most unfortunate part of all of this."

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[05 Jan 2006|10:57pm]
My package from Sweden arrived today and it is all love. I haven't listened to Paus fully yet, but Hjärta & Smärta (wish I had an emo band to give that name to!!) is beautiful, packaging and all. Classic, lovelorn Kent and the last song, with its mandolin and simple, almost dynamic-less drums, is Elephant 6-ish and so unique.

Och kameran glider över guldgula fält
(Ja vi vet, du behöver hjälp)
Den här stan gör mig galen ikväll
(Du kommer aldrig mer bli dig själv)
Jag ville ge dig allting igen
(Du kommer aldrig mer hitta hem)
Jag tror minsann min själ dör av svält
(Man blir trött på ditt jävla gnäll,
man blir trött på ditt jävla gnäll)


I just ordered a couple of t-shirts (like I really needed more...) including this best!ever one, which I am likely to deface the back of with lyrics from Tammy Machine. I'm not sure why or how, but I have found myself rather in love with the "taboo"-smashing inyourface-ness of radical feminism lately.


Lunar Park is wonderful and engrossing! I can't wait to finish it and I hope the ending doesn't let me down.

I went to town to buy the new NME today, but it wasn't in yet, so I bought Villette by Charlotte Brontë for the same price. It seems an appropriate read for my resolution, since said resolution was in part inspired by someone with whom the book directly links. And it was recommended to me this morning anyway. I read (not by choice) Pride and Prejudice and Katherine Susannah Pritchard's Coonardoo in Year 11 and, while the former I simply found boring, the latter is arguably the single worst book ever written. (Seriously.) I've been pretty much sworn off female-penned - particularly classic - literature ever since, so I'm looking forward to the challenge Villette presents me. From the synopsis, it actually sounds quite interesting and I've read that the ending is open and not necessarily happy, which pleases me greatly :)
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[01 Jan 2006|07:54pm]
Amongst my resolutions for this year - most of which I either do not wish or need to discuss here - I have decided to make sure that I read more books.

I am lucky if I get through twelve in a twelve month period. Yes, I am *that* bad. I am a slow reader, so I have not resolved to read 100 or even 50 books in 2006. I am aiming for twenty-four.

I am currently devouring Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis and am looking at either a James Joyce or a Charlotte Brontë next, whichever I find first for $4.95. After that, another contemporary book and then another 'classic' and so on and so forth.

Your assistance, kind and intelligent people of my friends list, is requested to fill my quota of 'classics'. Please no Tolkien, but anything else is fair.
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[31 Dec 2005|05:27pm]
I just bought the Brakes album for $23 and I have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be less than 23 minutes long...


Oh, nope, 29 minutes! Value!
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